About Jeffery Stone

In addition to overseeing the daily investment affairs of the firm, his primary role is trading the firm’s portfolio entailing quantitative high frequency trading, hedging strategies and pair trading utilizing a proprietary platform (being both on the long and short sides of the market simultaneously).  Mr. Stone’s focus has largely been focused on quantitative swing trading concentrating on high beta NASDAQ and listed securities, hedging strategies, and pair trading (being both on the long and short sides of the market simultaneously).  He has been active with Wall Street for almost twenty years encompassing financial analysis, mergers and acquisition analysis, business development, valuation, corporate development and portfolio management.


From 1991 to 1993, Mr. Stone was associated with Lehman Brothers where he was a corporate officer, First Vice President, and later made Chairman’s Council at the firm level.  His specific duties at Lehman Brothers were on the institutional equity markets, where his responsibilities again included working directly with high net-worth individuals and institutional corporate clients.


In 1988 Mr. Stone began his affiliation with Prudential Securities and then became a Senior Vice President in 1989 and in 1991 he was appointed to the Director’s Council.  While at Prudential his focus was on small-capitalization markets and fixed income markets managing private client portfolios.


Before Prudential Securities, Mr. Stone was associated with Underwood, Neuhaus, Inc., based in Houston, Texas.  As a corporate officer of the firm, he was actively involved in municipal finance and managing private portfolios.  He became a Vice President and he remained with Underwood, Neuhaus, Inc. until its purchase by Kemper Securities was complete.


Mr. Stone received his B. A. in Economics from the University of Texas. He is also the Founder of Chatter Box Call Center, Limited.

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